Keeping your valuables safe
Security Guards In Action

You don’t always need to have bags of money to protect to consider hiring a security guard Horry County. There are many different reasons to look into Security Guards Service Horry County. Whether you are protecting your property or keeping the peace at an event, talk to Security Companies Horry County.

Are Your Guns Secure?

Weapons storage systemDo you know all the options available to you for weapons storage? Do you keep your weapons in a weapons locker? If you are a responsible gun owner, you know that it is absolutely necessary that you understand the need to childproof your weapon and ensure it is safe; even if you do not have children yourself. It is always possible that someone else’s children could come over, and even without that possibility, it is always safer to make sure that your gun is put away somewhere that only you know how to get it. You should always make sure that your gun is stored in its unloaded position, with a safety device of some kind, in a container that’s properly locked. The ammunition should be stored separately. It might seem a little unnecessary, but the lethality of gun makes it better to be safe than sorry.

Not only should you always store the weapon safely and securely, you should also think of adding another element of safety by choosing the best storage place that’s hard to reach for children in your home. Don’t store the weapon in a place that’s too visible and accessible, like under your mattress or on a closet shelf, and don’t store the weapon amongst the valuable things in your household, unless you have a secure container for storing your weapon. If your weapon isn’t meant for self-defense and you don’t plan on using it, you should store it somewhere away from home. There’s no point in risking the danger of having it in your home if there’s no purpose behind it being there in the first place.

Do You Know How To Securely Store Your Chemicals?

As a bulk chemical distributor safety is a top concern. Green Chem Industries believes very strongly in the safety of the public and of the environment. Being a leading chemical distributor comes with a responsibility we take seriously.

Is Your Security Cabinet Organized?

No matter what your secure storage systems are being organized matters. For everything from armory storage to secure information storage, here are some tips.

Organizing your cabinets is essential in the work place because it ensures that your business runs just as smoothly as you want it to. In order to ensure your workplace has the best cabinets, you need to look for cabinets that make your office more efficient and productive. Here are some useful tips to keep your filing cabinets and storage key cabinets just as organized as your business.

Key Cabinets

Key cabinets are usually the best way to organize and de-clutter any amount of keys you may have for your business, whether you’re a real estate agent, valet business, or a car rental agency. If your key cabinet is located in a public area, you’re going to need a secure enough cabinet to maintain your access.

A numbering system for your keys is a tested practice that can promise amazing organization results, because they’ll serve as a nice placeholder in your key cabinet. The key tag can be marked permanently with an ink stamp to number it. It’s important to mark not only the tags but also the placeholders where each key go.

Another great organization tip is to make descriptive sticker tags that can act as placeholders to make your cabinets cleaner and more efficient; such as if you have loaned out a key to someone, you could put a ‘key loaned’ tag on the place where it would usually hang.

Filing Cabinets

It’s a great idea to organize your paperwork in a logical order by thinking about how you might sort a certain topic, or how you would search for it. Labeling everything is crucial and should not be a step overlooked, though it is a pretty obvious step. This will make sure that you can figure out where everything you may need is.

Once you start sorting your paperwork, it’s a good idea to throw out any trash or work that you may not use anymore so that you don’t file outdated papers, or things you don’t need- which also saves space in your filing cabinet. Each week you should set apart some time to sort through your paperwork to see if you have everything sorted correctly. With this method, you shouldn’t be able to misplace any documents easily, especially if you keep the unsorted paperwork on your desk until there’s time to sort it.

Some Tips On Securing Information

Have you ever had private information fall into the wrong persons hands? Using security cabinets to put your information into at the end of the day is a good idea, and of course secure media cabinets can keep your digital media safe, such as back up, thumb drives and even laptops.


Are Your Weapons Securely Stored?

Do you know what you need to about secure weapons storage? Do you have a weapons locker for your weapons?